Crazy Dem Strategist Says He Wants to Physically Assault the Unvaxxed


On an edition of his most un-listened to podcast, “Politics War Room with James Carville & Al Hunt,” Democratic strategist James Carville acknowledged as much.

Carville and his co-host, Al Hunt, let their pro-tyranny flags fly gloriously after a listener asked why Biden wouldn’t support a measure barring unvaccinated Americans from interstate travel. Hunt started the duo’s retort by saying that they are not against it at all and that he will support the bill. 

Rather than opposing Hunt’s despotic beliefs, Carville concurred, saying, “I don’t either.”

Hunt, who is at least a little cynical, then pointed out that Biden shouldn’t waste his time trying to get something done that will be demolished.

Carville lost it at that point, declaring he wants a law that allows him to punch unvaccinated people in the face, something his co-host agreed with, saying that there should be a law that can give you immunity from any criminal charges when you punch some unvaccinated person. He even went on to say that he really wanted to do it, without batting an eye. 

Meanwhile, Joe Rogan, another podcast presenter, has been fired for distributing false material and using a forbidden term while referencing others.

Apparently, to the left, saying a word they don’t like or sharing views they don’t agree with is far worse than actually calling for violence against people who disagree with the far-left crazies on a medical issue; those who are trying to cancel Joe aren’t trying to cancel Carville, regardless of the fact that Carville was advocating violence.