Couple Amazingly Uninjured After Truck Crashes Right Through Their House


On Friday afternoon, a pickup truck careened straight through a house in Downer’s Grove, Illinois, crashing into a tree in the homeowner’s backyard. Fortunately, the homeowners happened to be in the basement at the time and were spared any significant injury.

The accident happened just after 4 p.m. on Friday, when the driver of a pickup vehicle, who was clearly having a medical issue, slammed through the front of a home and then out the backside before crashing into a backyard tree.

Residents reported hearing a huge explosion, and the aftermath appeared like an explosion had occurred, with a truly magnificent trail of debris following the truck’s journey into the back yard. The truck’s front end was also demolished in the collision.

According to the homeowners, who requested anonymity, the property is presently unlivable, and they are packing their stuff to relocate until repairs are completed. They told reporters they planned to remain in a hotel until they worked out what to do next, but the house is now being repaired.

“Is anyone 100 percent safe from anything? Not really! This, I imagine, shook them to their core.” said a neighbor, Mickey Bravo, to WBBM about the event.

Both the truck driver and his passenger were taken to a nearby hospital and are expected to recover, according to Downer’s Grove police.