Congressman Parallels Latinos for Trump to Jews for Hitler

Latino Vote for Trump COMPARED to WHAT?!


Texas Democratic Representative Vicente Gonzalez has sparked uproar by likening Latino backers of former President Donald Trump to “Jews for Hitler.” This statement has faced sharp rebuke from Republicans as he seeks re-election in a largely Hispanic area in South Texas.

In a recent interview, Gonzalez voiced worry that Republicans’ increased regional efforts may cause Democrats to lose support among South Texas’s socially conservative Hispanic voters. He drew attention to the racist language emanating from the Republican Party’s higher ranks, particularly Trump’s portrayal of immigrants from Mexico as rapists.

Gonzalez contended that the racist and polarizing element inside the Republican Party makes it difficult for the party to draw in Latino voters. He denounced the party’s tone, calling it demeaning to Latinos. Furthermore, he expressed significant dissatisfaction with the link made between Latino support for Trump and backing Hitler.

With the 34th congressional district including the lower Rio Grande Valley, including Brownsville and Harlingen, Republicans are making significant investments to replace Gonzalez. Regaining her seat is former congresswoman Mayra Flores, who Gonzalez defeated in the general election of 2022. Strong Trump supporter Flores called Gonzalez’s remark “shameful” and chastised him for it.

In response to requests for clarification, Gonzalez restated his position and questioned how Mexican Americans could back Trump, comparing it to voting against one’s own interests. He insisted that Latinos must be aware of impending authoritarianism and urged Flores to condemn Trump’s remarks against migrants.

Trump said in a statement in December that immigrants were tainting American blood. Republicans who identify as Republicans criticized this claim, calling it bigoted and xenophobic. Adolf Hitler made similar remarks against Jews, which Trump denied knowing about.