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Colorado Judges Need Police Protection after Trump Ruling

Reports indicate that the judges from the Colorado Supreme Court who ruled that former president Donald Trump could not run for president in 2024 are allegedly receiving death threats. In addition to increasing patrols around the residences of the impacted judges, Denver authorities are working with the FBI to investigate the threats.

According to the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling on December 19, Trump’s January 6 actions were insurrectionary and thus violated Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Critics wasted no time condemning the decision, which narrowly approved by a 4-3 margin. Some Democrats also thought it was unfair, and Trump’s followers were quite outspoken in their objections, calling it election interference. Their main argument was that the ex-president is innocent until proven guilty, which is in direct opposition to the court’s assumption of guilt.

In response to the decision by the Colorado Supreme Court, the nonpartisan advocacy organization Advance Democracy tracked online sentiment, including on Trump’s social media site, Truth Social. The group discovered a deluge of “significant violent rhetoric” on several platforms, according to NBC News’ exclusive interview with spokesperson Daniel Jones.

The four judges who made the decision should be beheaded and a judge’s baby should be thrown “into the trashcan,” according to one user. The only way to change the status quo, according to another commenter on The Donald, is to “kill these f***ers.”

The judges were the targets of several incendiary threats that included instructions on how to hurt them. Screenshots of messages suggesting the use of ropes, explosives, hollow-point bullets, and weapons were allegedly included in Advance Democracy’s final report.

Users also shared the physical addresses and contact details of the judges in Colorado through doxxing. Not much was known about who had acted on this information at the time, but local officials were worried enough to increase patrols.

A number of Trump-related posts on Truth Social served as his response to the verdict. He said that the Justice Department was being utilized as a political weapon by the Biden administration and that it was interfering with the elections. His silence on the matter and his refusal to incite violence are crucial points to remember.

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