Carjacker Dumps Baby Boy Along Busy Road


After his mother’s SUV was carjacked at a gas station, a 1-year-old infant boy was left on the side of a major road in New Orleans.

Late on Wednesday morning, the baby was luckily discovered unhurt resting next to the Almonaster Boulevard flyover.

When Brian Stewart, a driver, reported seeing what he originally thought for an item or a baby doll on the side of the road, he was on his route to a dump.

Stewart remarked, “As I got closer I realized that was a real person there. I pulled to the side of the road. Walked back. The baby started crawling toward me. I called 911.”

Police in New Orleans saved the child and later detained alleged carjacker Johnathon Perkins, 21. He is now accused of car theft, kidnapping a child with malice, and illegally possessing stolen stuff.

Perkins was at the Chevron gas station in Chalmette, Louisiana, approximately 11 a.m., according to law enforcement officials. when he saw a woman filling up her white Subaru Outback on Wednesday.

The suspect was unaware that the female driver’s 1-year-old kid was dozing in his backseat car seat.

The wife briefly left her SUV running with her son still inside to retrieve change from the cashier, the sheriff said. Her car was gone when she returned to the outside world.

A guy in an orange construction vest, subsequently identified as Perkins, was seen on surveillance footage from the vicinity approaching the woman’s Subaru, climbing in the driver’s seat, and taking off.

A lady who works at a neighboring casino informed the channel that the mother went distraught when she realized that her car with her son inside was missing.

The sheriff claimed that after fleeing, Perkins drove down Paris Road and across a bridge into New Orleans, where he dumped the infant on the side of the road before abandoning the stolen car.

Since then, the baby has been reunited with his parents.