Capitol Police Catch Democrat Lawmaker Pulling Fire Alarm

Capitol Police Catch DEMOCRAT Lawmaker Pulling FIRE Alarm!


Progressive Representative Jamaal Bowman, a Democrat from New York, activated a fire alarm in one of the House of Representatives’ three office buildings during a tumultuous morning when legislators were working to prevent a government shutdown.

Bryan Steil, the Committee Chair from Wisconsin and a Republican, mentioned that the incident is currently under investigation. According to information from sources at Fox News and Fox News Digital, Capitol Police’s criminal investigation unit is questioning Bowman regarding this matter.

Bowman’s top aide posted on X, previously known as Twitter, “Congressman Bowman did not realize he would trigger a building alarm as he was rushing to make an urgent vote. The Congressman regrets any confusion.”

As per reports, the incident was reportedly captured on camera, although Fox News Digital did not have immediate access to the video footage. This incident took place shortly after House Republicans announced their intention to swiftly introduce a temporary spending bill known as a continuing resolution (CR) to the House floor on Saturday. This timing coincided with the Senate’s consideration of its own CR.

Democrats were caught off guard by this announcement and expressed concerns that the GOP had not provided them with sufficient time to thoroughly examine the extensive 70-plus-page bill. In the end, the bill garnered widespread approval from House Democrats, with only one member expressing dissent.

GOP legislators promptly reacted to the incident following the vote and as word of Bowman’s actions circulated. Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, requested an ethics committee inquiry into the situation.

“This is an embarrassment. You’re elected to be a member of Congress. He pulled a fire alarm in the hours before the government being shut down, trying to dictate that government would shut down. What’s going through a person’s mind like that? But we will find the right ability to deal with this.”

Some individuals advocated for his condemnation and even removal from office. Additionally, there were suggestions that he could face legal action for falsely activating a fire alarm, which is considered a misdemeanor under Washington, D.C.’s penal code and could result in a fine or a maximum jail term of 6 months.