Brave Mother Fighting Oppressive Woke School Board


At a local school board meeting, Alison Hair’s reading of a chapter from a Marxist book with explicit sexual content that she found in her child’s school library was quickly interrupted.

Wesley McCall, the chairman of the Forsyth County Schools Board of Education, noted during the meeting on February 15 that “We have other people that are younger in this, and I think we understand your point.”

Hair said, “My son’s a minor, and this book that you all have copies of is in my son’s middle school,” before being informed that her allotted time had expired.

She started reading again on March 15 but was again interrupted, and on March 17 she got a letter from McCall saying she was no longer allowed to attend classes. Additionally, it is now against the law for staff workers to use abusive language, disparage another individual, or otherwise violate board policy.

Hair and Cindy Martin, a Georgia mother and the leader of the organization “Mama Bears of Forsyth County,” have filed a lawsuit against the board of education for Forsyth County.

The purpose of the complaint is not to specify which book should be allowed in school libraries, but rather to examine illegal efforts to sanitize how parents discuss such books in front of elected officials and other adults.

The case asserts that when it comes to reading from books at board meetings, the First Amendment preserves the Plaintiffs’ right to speak up and influence the government about whether books belong in school libraries.

The fact that the moms had to file a lawsuit in order to be allowed to speak at meetings ought to make every board member uncomfortable. These mothers have the right to criticize the authorities and the texts that they let their kids read in class. This clearly violates the First Amendment.