Brandon Under Fire For Comments About Law Enforcement Officers


America is currently dealing with a significant crime problem. Democratic measures, like cashless bail, reducing police funding, and granting inmates early release from prison, are to blame for this situation.

Democrats were forewarned by Republicans about these policies and the dangers they posed to the general people. Democrats rejected these warnings, and now a great number of innocent people are suffering as a result.

However, as Washington Examiner has shown, Biden is more interested in blaming police than collaborating with them to make society safer, despite the fact that crime is out of control.

In his interview with Rev. Al Sharpton on Keepin’ It Real, Biden didn’t hold back from expressing his genuine opinions regarding the ladies and men who work in police enforcement.

Biden also told Sharpton that law enforcement requires increased levels of engagement with psychologists, social workers, and other mental health specialists. The president stated that the ways in which police personnel are trained has to be “retrained.”

They are not brand-new talking points. They have been echoed by many other Democrats. However, when dealing with seasoned criminals, law enforcement should not rely on social workers or psychologists.

Later, Biden continued to imply that Republicans who opposed the American Rescue Plan, which caused inflation, were somehow opposed to supporting the police. The Democrats have been repeating this talking point for a very long time.

Many Americans criticized Biden’s comments as tone-deaf and inaccurate on social media. The president was also criticized for making such a strong statement against police just days before the midterm elections.

Crime and danger will increase if towns keep eliminating cops. Threats to society are still posed by the left-wing strategy of elevating criminals and treating them gently.

To increase public safety and law enforcement, Republicans must be elected across the country. Communities will swiftly become far more hazardous if Democrats achieve what they want this time.

Today, as Americans go to the polls, crime will definitely be a major concern. When people are afraid to leave their houses for fear of being assaulted, robbed, or worse, it is impossible for them to ignore the situation.

The nation has heard what Joe Biden and the Democrats have to say about crime and public safety. Americans must now cast a conscientious vote.