Bolivia Cuts Ties With Israel Amid Ongoing War

It's OVER - They Went WAY Too Far This Time!


Most Western countries were eager to back Israel’s right to defend itself after terrorists from Hamas assaulted the Jewish state on October 7, killing more than 1,400 people. But the foundation is beginning to show signs of stress. A ceasefire, which has been called for by a number of countries, would actually benefit Hamas. Bolivia has now taken another step forward.

Support Is Fading

All of civilization was shaken by Hamas’s atrocities on October 7. As photos of mistreated and murdered Israeli civilians inundated the media, expressions of support rushed in from countries around the West. There is currently a growing left-wing backlash against Israel’s military response to the bombings, with Muslim activists and Liberals among those who have voiced their disapproval. Many demonstrators at the large pro-Palestinian rallies in major cities have been vocal in their support for Hamas. This is exerting pressure on national governments, and it is starting to have a effect.

Since mid-October, politicians have began clamoring for a truce, which would leave Hamas in power in Gaza and provide the Iran-backed group breathing space to recuperate. So far, Ireland and Spain, along with the United Nations, are among the countries that have demanded Israel stop fighting back. On October 31, three South American nations escalated this. Colombia and Chile recalled their ambassadors for “consultations,” a step that’s usually seen as a diplomatic insult. Bolivia went one step further and formally broke off diplomatic relations with Israel.

Freddy Mamani, Bolivia’s deputy foreign minister, said in a statement that the action was taken in response to Israel’s “aggressive and disproportionate” military activities. In addition to the other two nations, Bolivia has called for a halt to hostilities and the delivery of humanitarian aid. Israel has been silent in response to Bolivia’s action so far.

Bolivia Has Done This Before

Bolivia has a history of hostile behavior toward Israel. Bolivia severed ties with Israel in 2009 after Israel’s response to Hamas rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. In 2019, after far-left leader Evo Morales—a pro-Iran radical who branded Israel as a “terrorist state”—lost power, the socialists took power and immediately severed ties with Israel.

Even while Bolivia isn’t Israel’s most important ally abroad, the Jewish state’s authorities are understandably concerned about this development. The West seems to be forgetting why Israel is at war with Hamas, as calls for a ceasefire swell in response to constant Hamas propaganda. Israel’s right to self-defense has been supported by some unexpected quarters, including President Biden, who is now urging a “humanitarian pause” in Israel’s counterattack. The window of opportunity for Israeli commanders to beat Hamas is shrinking, so if they want to win, they need to win quickly and decisively.