Blinken: Hamas Blocking Americans From Leaving Gaza

Americans TRAPPED - URGENT Evacuation Underway!


The U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, expressed on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that Hamas is obstructing the departure of American and foreign citizens from Gaza.

“In terms of what’s happening in Gaza. I know there are an estimated 500-600 Americans there. There are only two ways out. One is through the Rafah gate to Egypt. It does not appear any Americans have made it out that way. There’s also another Erez Crossing into Israel. Is there any chance Israel lets some of those Americans out or Egypt allows some of those Americans in?,” Margaret Brennan questioned.

Blinken answered, “We have- you’re exactly right. We have several hundred Americans and other nationalities, other civilians from- from other countries who want to leave Gaza. We’ve had people come to Rafah, the crossing with Egypt. And to date, at least, Hamas has blocked them from leaving, showing once again, its total disregard for civilians of any kind who are- who are stuck in Gaza.”

He also mentioned that they are actively addressing this issue nearly every day. On the ground, David Satterfield, one of the most experienced diplomats in the region, is collaborating with various governments, including Israel and Egypt, to ensure readiness for evacuating people, provided that Hamas permits their movement. Therefore, the responsibility lies with Hamas to allow civilians, including Americans and individuals from other countries, to leave Gaza.

Brennan also inquired about the whereabouts of missing Americans, suspected to have been abducted, and whether Hamas or other militant groups might be involved. 

Blinken did not offer significant new details on this matter.