Bill Gates Under Fire for Giving Out Health Advice


Over the last two years, there have been numerous discussions and even debates regarding what people should do in terms of their health.

Many specialists, for example, rallied around the idea that people shutting themselves off in their houses and isolating themselves from others was crucial for their health back in 2020.

Lockdowns, on the other hand, did not save lives and did far more harm than good this year. If somebody mentioned this in 2020, they were quickly dismissed as self-centered or conspiracy theorists.

Many Americans are fed up with leaders and officials using health as a ruse to exert control over their citizens’ lives. People have had it with all of these mandates, especially when so many pro-mandate officials have disobeyed their own laws on countless occasions.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has been at the forefront of dictating what people should do in terms of their health. In light of this, Joe Rogan, a podcaster and UFC fighter, has expressed his opinion on Gates’ health advise.

Gates shouldn’t be giving out health advice or encouraging people not to eat meat when he isn’t even in good health, according to Joe Rogan in an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

When it comes to Bill Gates delivering health advise or even advising people what to do in general, much of the country feels the same way as Joe Rogan.

Gates has been quoted as cheering government shutdowns that have wrecked people’s businesses, ruined mental health, increased domestic violence, and caused other issues.