Biden’s Former Climate Czar Working Climate Equity Firms In China

China Link CONFIRMED - Former Biden Official CAUGHT!


Based on a report from the Daily Caller, it is stated that Gina McCarthy, the former National Climate Advisor to President Joe Biden, is currently employed by two companies that have investments in China. McCarthy, often referred to as the “Climate Czar,” is offering her services to certain equity firms that are supposedly linked to the Chinese regimes through their climate-related investments.

According to McCarthy’s official website, the companies in question are TPG Inc and Pegasus Capital Advisors. These firms have been investing in China for a number of years and employ various social and environmental metrics in their investment strategies. Additionally, McCarthy also manages the Global Subnational Climate Fund (GSCF), which is part of the Green Climate Fund project initiated by the United Nations.

The Green Subnational Climate Fund (GSCF) was established in 2021 and has received substantial funding of over $2 billion from the Biden administration. However, the fund’s website indicates that it has made significant investments in China, including a recent investment of nearly $1.5 billion in the city of Shandong.

According to information from the Daily Caller, TPG has also been actively investing in China in recent years, focusing on companies such as Zhaoke Ophthalmology and Du Ziaoman Financial. The media outlet reported that a press release revealed TPG’s Rise Climate Fund closed at $7.3 billion in the previous year.

During her tenure in Washington, Gina McCarthy served as the inaugural climate chief for the Biden administration. She garnered attention for advocating climate-related provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act and the infrastructure law. McCarthy expressed no regrets regarding her involvement in these initiatives, asserting that both bills represented the most ambitious measures for addressing climate change in American history.

Contrary to being positioned as a moderate, McCarthy has consistently been associated with the more progressive faction within the Democratic Party. Multiple reports have indicated that she even called for social media companies to censor users expressing dissenting views on environmental matters on their platforms.

Additionally, Republican House representatives accused McCarthy of ethics violations due to her meeting with Manish Bapna, the CEO and President of the Natural Resources Defense Council. Republicans alleged that this action violated the “Revolving Door Ban,” which pertains to restrictions on government officials transitioning into roles that involve interactions with their former colleagues.