Biden Warns Russia To Stay Away From NATO Countries Unless He Wants WWIII


President Joe Biden said on Friday that the US is ready to defend NATO territory, but that doing so would almost certainly lead to World War III.

“I want to be clear: We will defend every inch of NATO territory with the full might of a united and galvanized NATO,” Biden tweeted Friday. “But we will not fight a war against Russia in Ukraine.”

“A direct confrontation between NATO and Russia is World War III. And something we must strive to prevent.”

Biden made similar sentiments while speaking in Philadelphia on Friday. As we provide this assistance to Ukraine, we will continue to stand with our European partners and send a clear message: we will defend every inch of NATO territory, Biden admitted according to reports. It will be World War III if they move and we respond, but we have a religious commitment on NATO territory.

By announcing a no-fly zone over Ukraine, Biden reaffirmed that we will not fight the Third World War there.

The president has made similar pronouncements in the past, warning as early as February prior to the invasion that if Russia invaded Ukraine, the US would not send soldiers to evacuate American people trapped there. Biden warned that doing so could spark a global conflict.

When the United States and Russia start shooting at one another, it’s a world war, Biden replied when asked if he’d deploy soldiers to assist Americans escaping. We live in a totally different world now than we have ever lived in before.