Biden Tells Yet Another Lie About Grandfather


Biden tells so many lies, and the list keeps expanding, that it’s challenging to keep up with them all. He has been working on it for a while. Most notoriously, when he stood for president for the first time in 1988, he spread numerous lies about his upbringing and school record. He was also found guilty of plagiarism. But at the time, we held those who tried to deceive us accountable, and following the scandal, he withdrew from the race.

Due to Joe’s appearance in Pennsylvania on Thursday, Biden talked about his Scranton-born grandpa, Ambrose Finnegan. Then, Biden asserted that his grandpa had attended Santa Clara University and had been an “All-American.”

Zach Parkinson, the director of research for the RNC, has previously exposed Biden’s fabrications, and the proof he provided in his thread destroyed Joe Biden.

According to Parkinson, Ambrose Finnegan has never been listed as an All-American by the university. He is also unrecorded with the NCAA.

The institution believes he attended, and Finnegan claims he participated in football at Santa Clara from 1900 through 1903. He wasn’t an All-American, though.

Parkinson examined the third and second teams as well but he is not listed.  You’ll notice that the individuals chosen at that time were mostly from Ivy League universities in the East, therefore Santa Clara would not have been on their list of candidates. Additionally, as Parkinson points out, the school wasn’t yet at that level.