Biden Support Crumbles in Swing States

Biden In BIG Trouble - 2024 Run DOOMED?


According to a recent survey funded by the New York Times and carried out by Siena College scholars, President Biden is notably behind the expected Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election. The survey reveals that Biden’s predecessor, ex-President Donald Trump, is decisively leading over the current president in five out of six crucial swing states.

The data, made public by the Times on November 5th, indicates that even in the single swing state where he currently leads, Wisconsin, President Biden’s lead is a mere two points. In contrast, former President Trump boasts a substantial double-digit advantage of 10 points in Nevada, which many would perceive as a commanding lead.

In Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, the former head of state is outpacing the current occupant of the White House by margins ranging from four to six points. It’s worth noting that Trump’s lead in the polls has emerged despite facing four indictments and an ongoing civil trial, as observed by many readers.

It’s probable that many are intrigued by how one or more convictions could impact his overall support among voters. Putting aside potential future convictions, prominent media sources are now publishing articles hinting that the current Commander-in-Chief should step back from his 2024 White House campaign for the betterment of his party.

David Axelrod is just one of many prominent liberals who have made similar suggestions. In a Twitter post dated November 5, the former Obama advisor commented that President Biden’s recent poll results would have a significant impact on the entire Democratic Party. It’s worth mentioning that Axelrod is by no means a supporter of Donald Trump, as he described the former President as dangerous in a related tweet.

On November 7, Fox News characterized the Siena College results as significantly detrimental, citing worries within the Democratic establishment. Furthermore, information from multiple sources indicates a decline in President Biden’s support among essential demographics including black, Hispanic, Arab, and Muslim voters.