Biden Set to Do NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show’ With Jimmy Fallon


President Joe Biden is getting ready for his first late-night TV appearance since taking office.

Biden is set to appear Friday on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” with comedian Jimmy Fallon. Biden will appear virtually; the White House did not say where he will be when he tapes the segment.

Biden has made two previous appearances on the show. He bantered with Fallon in April 2020, a week before he became the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, and in September 2016, toward the end of his eight years as vice president.

Biden is suffering from a steep drop in the polls and has been under pressure to engage more with the media.

He has been trying to improve his standing with the public by traveling around the country to promote a $1 trillion infrastructure law, money that will be used to repair roads and bridges and lay down high-speed internet across the country.

The president also has been trying to rally public support for a separate social welfare and climate bill that has stalled in the Senate.