Biden Sends Air Marshals to Border Despite Growing Terror Threat

Air Marshals Sound Alarm - Biden Neglects National Security!


The southern border problem has continued throughout the new year. The government of President Joe Biden is still having trouble solving the issue. Customs and Border Protection statistics indicate that so far in the new fiscal year, which runs from October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023, agents have come into contact with more than 560,000 immigrants.

According to reports, the government instructed Federal Air Marshals to start deploying to the southern border in November. The order didn’t sit well with the marshals, and some of them threatened to disregard it. There are now charges that Biden is raising the risk to the nation with the deployments and reports of a new threat to US national security.

US Air Marshals have existed since the 1960s, but they only began to play a significant role after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Attacks that claimed 2,977 lives were carried out by men with the ability to enter cockpits of aircraft and take control of them with only box cutters. In order to counter the threat, the government stepped up security at airports around the nation and Air Marshals started flying regularly.

Twenty-one years later, al-Qaeda, the organization behind 9/11, is preparing to launch airborne assaults against the US. An intelligence alert with a caption warning of the terrorist group’s alleged plans and suggesting it would “use new techniques and tactics” was allegedly intercepted by the government watchdog on December 31.

By relocating Air Marshals from airports to the Southern border to address the immigration problem he started, the Biden administration is endangering the nation. Each month, the administration sent 150 to 200 marshals to the border to assist.

The issue was covered by the executive director of the Air Marshal National Council, Sonya Labosco, on “Fox & Friends First” on January 3. She said that it was completely absurd to deploy the marshals to the border at this time and that they don’t know why these decisions are being made. The director emphasized that aviation is a high-risk industry and that al-Qaeda searches for gaps in US security.

Despite the fact that the administration has mandated the deployments, Labosco told Fox News that they might not be enforceable. She claimed that her group sees it as a violation and thinks Homeland Security has gone too far. They are currently watching to see if the new Congress would act to halt the deployments.