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Biden Says Gas Prices Will Spike Even More

Gas costs are already high, but Joe Biden predicts that they will continue to rise. Biden claims that the energy market would be disrupted as a result of Russia’s recognition of two breakaway regions of Ukraine on February 21.

He’s placing new sanctions on Russia, and the European Union has reacted by canceling the $2 billion Nord Stream pipeline.

As a result, gas will become considerably more expensive, with significant market instabilities expected for months at a minimum.

Since Biden assumed office, we’ve experienced a significant increase in food store and heating expenditures. In reality, average inflation was only 1.8 percent under Trump, while it’s presently at 7.5 percent under Biden.

Under Trump, the average price of gas was $1.84; under Biden, it’s already at $3.53.

Biden canceled the important Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in office. He later rescinded his orders prohibiting all drilling on federal land, resuming America’s reliance on unstable foreign countries for energy.

Biden spoke about the cost of freedom during his remarks on Tuesday, then hobbled away without accepting a single question from the press.

As Russia seizes the eastern portion of Ukraine and our allies question where we stand, Biden has just one thing on his mind: excuses.

When he first took office, he embraced COVID limitations wholeheartedly, which contributed to our economy’s slow growth and high inflation.

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