Biden Pushes Harder For More Gun Control


Democrats virtually consistently increase their calls for gun regulation after a mass massacre. In the wake of shootings at a Colorado LGBTQ club and a Walmart, this pattern has not changed.

Of course, Joe Biden is leading the campaign for tighter gun control laws. But even the president’s earlier comments have shown his startlingly high levels of weapons ignorance.

Since becoming office, Biden has asserted that handguns can hold numerous rounds of ammo. He has also asserted that a person’s lung can be blown outside of the body by a firearm.

The president is currently advocating for stricter gun laws, focusing in particular on what he refers to as semi-automatic firearms.

The president now claims that purchasing semi-automatic firearms alone is unhealthy. By his own admission, Biden is of the opinion that there is no justification for the acquisition or ownership of these weapons and that there is no social benefit to doing so.

The president hasn’t been very explicit about what he considers to be semi-automatic firearms in his comments.

If Biden’s previous remarks are any clue, he may very well view pistols, particularly one of the most well-liked and frequently used handguns, as semi-automatic.

Additionally, Biden made it plain that he plans to lobby Congress to ban semi-automatic guns during the lame-duck session. Naturally, the GOP caucus in both chambers will object to this.

In fact, Biden himself made a suggestion that he might not have the support needed to ban the weapons he considers to be semi-automatic.

Gun purchases have significantly grown during the past few years. Furthermore, the majority of the people buying guns are women and minorities.

People want to feel safe despite the increasing unpredictability, escalating crime, and vulnerable loved ones.

Biden has not yet addressed the rising crime rates as he unveils his plans to restrict gun access in the US. The president has faced criticism for pushing for new gun control regulations without first addressing the problem of escalating disorder.

Despite the president’s rhetoric, however, there is a very real probability that his anti-gun initiatives will be successfully rejected in Congress. When Republicans take over the House of Representatives in January 2023, this will unquestionably be the situation.