Biden Official Fails To Answer Basic Questions From Congress Member

WH Official FAILS To Answer These Basic Questions!


The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota has been off-limits to mining for 20 years thanks to President Joe Biden’s administration. One of the largest untapped copper resources in the world is found in this region. It has been engaged in a conflict over a plan to establish a nickel and copper mine.

Deb Haaland, the US secretary of the interior, recently discussed her budget with the House Appropriations Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Subcommittee. She was interrogated by a congressman who had previously worked for her.

Rep. Ryan Zinke demanded additional information on the Interior Department’s decision to halt mining projects on March 28. Due to his tenure in the role from 2017 to 2019 under the former President Donald Trump, the congressman was in a unique position to interrogate Haaland.

A transcript of the conversation between the congressman and Haaland was made public. He questioned the secretary and inquired as to whether she was aware that China is the world’s largest emitter of emissions. She retorted that she was likely familiar with that.

Zinke continued by asking Haaland whether she was aware that numerous studies indicate a 2,000% increase in minerals will be required over the course of the next 20 years for the nation to achieve the present demand for electric vehicles. “Thank you for that information,” Haaland replied.

The representative inquired as to her knowledge of the location of such vital minerals in Northern Minnesota, the region in which the moratorium was put into effect. Zinke was informed by the secretary that she wasn’t sure.

Zinke criticized the secretary in a statement that appeared above the transcript for being unable to respond to straightforward inquiries regarding the choice to halt mining operations, American dependence, or important mineral deposits.

The Minnesota moratorium was signed in January by Haaland. She made the choice after the subject was the subject of a scientific review. With tribal chiefs, the government also discussed mining rights.

According to Haaland, safeguarding places like the “Boundary Waters is key to supporting the health of the watershed,” the local fauna, the economy, and “upholding our Tribal trust and treaty responsibilities.”

According to the research, mining in the area will irreparably destroy the Rainy River watershed, the $540 million tourism sector, and the Chippewa tribes’ rights to fish and hunt.

Republicans claim that because Biden is opposing mining in the region, the US will have to rely on nations like China to supply its mineral needs.