Biden Goes On (Another) Bizarre Ramble, This Time About Jeans And Recession

Major Admission - Biden's Goes On A BIZARRE Ramble!


The constant stream of mistakes and absurd assertions coming from the White House may be the only positive aspect of the Biden Presidency. Every day is like getting a free stand-up show. Just try not to dwell on the fact that this man is the Leader of the Free World and also has the nuclear codes; otherwise, you could go into a profound melancholy from which you will likely never recover.

President Biden toured a crumbling bridge in Kentucky earlier today with Republican Senator Mitch McConnell to promote his successes in the construction of infrastructure. A proposal led by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg includes over $1 trillion set aside by his administration for water projects, internet networks, and roads and bridges.

Biden abruptly started shouting about the recession “two years ago” at another point in his address.

Given that his government has informed us there is no recession, it is unclear exactly what recession Biden is talking about. The phrase “recession” has never been defined. Recessions don’t really exist at all, in truth. Similar to how slavery is freedom and vice versa.

Finally, Biden used today’s occasion to regret the bitter political climate of recent years.