Biden Gets Uncomfortably Lost and Confused at Globalist Conference


On Wednesday, Joe Biden addressed the UN General Assembly, but what followed afterwards was the most upsetting aspect of his day. Things went awry when the president ascended the stage at a Global Fund-sponsored event. The Global Fund works to combat AIDS and other diseases. Quite literally, in this instance.

Biden is seen stumbling around the platform in a video that is making the rounds, appearing to be absolutely bewildered and confused as his managers try to calm him down. The president looks to have no idea what is going on while another man tries to thank him for being there in the meantime.

Biden has definitely done this before. After all, this is the same individual who needed to be taken away from the White House by the Easter Bunny in the previous Spring. But in my opinion, this is the worst episode yet. He genuinely seems to have no idea where he is or where he needs to go.

Normal people don’t wander around a stage while someone else is speaking, staring off in the distance. He points, appearing to inquire as to where he is supposed to be, although normal individuals do not need to be led down by handlers. In summary, leaving a stage is not difficult. The fact that Biden consistently makes things so difficult is proof of his senility.

When Biden travels abroad and speaks publicly, events like these take on a special meaning. The United States’ enemies are aware of this and do not fear this man. In fact, if recent actions by Russia and Iran are any indicator, they are confident in their ability to exploit him. Having a president who doesn’t seem to be carrying out his duties as president has significant repercussions. If Biden is crazy enough to run for re-election, Americans will hopefully realize that.