Biden Gets Attacked From the Right and the Left for Clueless EV Tweet

Biden Under Fire - Slammed from All Sides for Clueless Tweet!


Joe Biden neither knows nor cares how much his Bidenflation is impoverishing the American people.

He tweeted on Monday about how much money you could save yourself if you bought an electric vehicle while seated in an electric Hummer that costs over $100,000, proving exactly how ignorant he was. He claimed that if you purchase it, you might receive a tax credit of $7500.

The “great American road trip is going to be fully electrified,” he continues, “under my watch.”

After the Great Depression year of 1932, we are currently experiencing the second biggest decline in real disposable income. Americans lack the resources to support Biden’s campaign for electric vehicles.

It’s reasonable to say that for this, he received criticism from both the left and the right. It demonstrates how out of touch Biden really is that someone would send out such a tweet and be unaware of the response.

Many on the left also criticised him for driving the luxury Hummer and for its cost.

Joe’s tweet was not only illiterate, but it was also untrue.

Joe Biden’s assertion that some rules are suspended until fresh guidance is released in March was refuted by Twitter.

Joe’s allegation was debunked when it came to the GMC Hummer EV in which he was seated, according to David Shephardson.

“SUVs/trucks must be priced $80,000,” he said. So it’s capped at that high, thus, the Hummer wouldn’t qualify.”

However, as Harvard colleague David Zipper pointed out, Joe’s claim had yet another flaw. “Biden is giving free publicity to the Hummer EV, a 4.5-ton behemoth so inefficient that it pollutes more per mile than a gas-powered sedan.”

Not to mention that charging could take a very long time.