Biden falls on Air Force One steps heading back from Ukraine trip

Biden TAKES A TUMBLE While Boarding Air Force One (Video)


When the president departed for his surprise trip to Poland and Ukraine, Joe Biden looked to stumble as he ascended the stairs of Air Force One.

The president seemed to tumble about halfway up the steps, then regain his footing and wave before boarding the jet, according to video of the event.

Joe Biden is the oldest American president at age 80.

In a report written by White House physician Kevin O’Connor following the president’s physical examination last week, he noted that Joe Biden had a stiff walk due to considerable spine arthritis, minor post-fracture foot arthritis, and slight sensory peripheral neuropathy of the feet.

A sizable contingent of congressional Republicans demanded that President Biden take a cognitive fitness test earlier this month, mirroring demands Democrats made of Donald Trump.

He frequently slipped when boarding the presidential plane in 2021, which, according to advisers, was caused by wind gusts.

The next year, Joe Biden was recorded in Delaware while falling from his bike, but he swiftly returned to his feet and appeared unscathed as he addressed press inquiries.

In recent months, the subject of aging and fitness has received a lot of attention in Washington.

Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, who is 89 years old, announced last month that she will not run for reelection.

The oldest and most tenured Democrat in the upper house is Senator Feinstein. She has dealt with several media inquiries concerning her mental clarity, as The Independent has revealed.

As all was going on, CNN anchor Don Lemon sparked a contentious conversation about politics, gender, and age when he asserted that Nikki Haley, the GOP candidate for president in 2024, was past her “prime” age.

He then apologized for his comments, which he made in response to Ms. Haley’s demands that elder lawmakers submit to cognitive function testing.