Biden Caught Quietly Ramping Up Gun Control Efforts


Despite hearing frantic pleas for more weapons and ammo from Ukrainian residents during Russia’s invasion, the Left learnt their lesson on guns.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have been discreetly stepping up attempts to tighten gun laws.

According to reports, the White House is going forward with various executive actions aimed at legal gun owners.

The ATF has ruled that Forced Reset Triggers (FRTs) are now considered machine weapons under Biden’s leadership.

Unfinished frames and receivers are expected to be the subject of a new ATF ruling.

The ATF is anticipated to issue new guidelines regarding handgun stabilizing braces, which is the Left’s attempt to target AR- and AK-style pistols with braces.

Millions of legitimately bought firearms in the United States could be retroactively designated as short barreled rifles and subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act as a result of the new laws.

Biden’s comprehensive gun crime reduction approach is likely to be announced soon by the White House.

Stefanie Feldman, deputy assistant to the president and senior adviser to the Domestic Policy Council, reveals that a 12-person team has been assembled to push for a reduction in gun violence.

The gun control lobby is still lobbying for Biden to do more in Congress on their pet issue, specifically backing a new push for his proposed gun ban and compensated confiscation plan, or at the very least a universal background check bill aimed at legal gun owners selling firearms from their private collection. These new rules are likely to have a significant impact on legal gun owners, and they have the support and approval of gun control activists.