Biden Blows People Away With Speech But Then Ruins It With Climate Change


Many Floridians were taken aback when President Joe Biden lavishly praised Governor Ron DeSantis’ response to Hurricane Ian.

Biden praised DeSantis for his management of the state emergency, saying it was quite impressive. He then started to saunter onto the platform and started talking about different subjects, including climate change.

“Joe Biden says Florida governor Ron Desantis has done a ‘pretty remarkable job’ with Hurricane Ian so far. Then starts rambling about global warming and telephone poles,” Clay Travis stated.

Recent data and fact-based research in the 2022 study, “A critical assessment of extreme events trends in times of global warming,” destroy the hypothesis that human-caused emissions are causing more frequent and stronger storms.

In the past, hurricanes in the USA have been responsible for around 60% of all economic damages brought on by catastrophes globally, with severe storms being responsible for more than 80% of this harm. The fact that hurricanes draw interest and attention is therefore not unexpected. It is thus not unexpected that storms play a major role in the discussion of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies because to their horrifying destructive potential.

Current worldwide measurements do not reveal any appreciable changes in either the quantity or intensity of storms. 1 and according to claims made in a number of particular articles for the USA, which state the tendency dates back more than 160 years, or for other parts of the world.

Therefore, only a modest nominally positive increase trend of tropical storms from 1878 to 2006 persists after correcting the time series to account for the earlier, worse observational capabilities. According to statistical analyses, this trend cannot be distinguished from zero in a meaningful way.

The intriguing claim made by Alex Epstein is that humankind has become more resilient to natural calamities as a result of civilization and industry. Fossil fuels are especially mentioned in this.

A man from Florida who was stranded by the hurricane especially gave DeSantis credit for making sure gas supplies were accessible.