Biden Administration Gets Unfriendly Christmas Presents

Biden Officials TARGETED - Police Move In!


On December 25, a group of demonstrators supporting the Palestinian cause assembled outside the residences of National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. 

The protest aimed to express discontent with the Biden administration’s backing of the Israeli government. Austin and Sullivan are recognized as key foreign affairs advisers to President Joe Biden.

During the morning hours, a gathering of protesters was observed outside the residences of Austin and Sullivan in Virginia and Washington, DC. Simultaneously, a substantial police presence was mobilized to ensure that the situation did not escalate.

In a video shared by the left-leaning organization People’s Forum on its Twitter page, demonstrators can be observed singing chants that express opposition towards Israel and support for Palestine.

Various political factions condemned the protests organized by People’s Forum outside the residences of Austin and Sullivan on social media. The non-partisan organization Stop Antisemitism, in a statement on its Twitter account, emphasized the right to protest but criticized the actions of the pro-Palestinian demonstrators, describing their behavior as harassment directed not only at Biden administration officials but also at their neighbors.

The organization further pointed out that People’s Forum lacks comprehension in realizing that engaging in harassment against a four-star general with a lifelong dedication to serving the United States will not contribute to the liberation of Palestine.

After the attacks on October 7, the Israeli government initiated a conflict against the terrorist organization Hamas. This incident was considered the most significant tragedy for the Jewish community in a single day since the Holocaust.

Since that point in time, the United States has witnessed an increase in antisemitic attacks, leading to a division within the Democratic Party between those supporting Israel and those asserting that Tel Aviv is involved in acts of genocide.