Biden Administration Blamed for Latest Cartel Kidnappings

Heartbreaking KIDNAPPINGS Linked to White House?


Americans who live close to Mexico’s southern border frequently travel to the neighboring nation for dental or cosmetic procedures. Several residents travel there because of the substantially reduced pricing, particularly in light of the escalating expense of healthcare in the US.

The majority of travelers arrived safely, however two of the four Americans from South Carolina who crossed the border on March 2 to allow one to have a belly tuck did not. One of the leading Republican figures is now attributing the murders and abductions to the Biden administration.

On Friday, March 2, during the day, a cartel opened fire on bystanders in downtown Matamoros before loading four Americans into a waiting pickup truck. After a few hours, the FBI made the connection between social media recordings of the incident and a newly submitted missing persons report.

Authorities discovered the bodies nearby on Tuesday, March 7, and the guard was taken into custody close by. Four persons were abducted; two were found dead, one was injured, and the fourth was unharmed.

A letter purportedly from the Scorpion group of the Gulf cartel expressing regret for the activities that resulted to the deaths of two Americans following the kidnapping was supposedly received by someone working with Tamaulipas law enforcement. The gang also admitted guilt for the earlier shooting killing of a Mexican woman who perished as a result.

These conversations occasionally take place among drug cartel communities. According to the letter, individuals responsible for the offenses “acted under their own decision-making and lack of discipline” and were being handed over to the appropriate authorities to face justice. A picture of five men sprawled out on the ground holding the letter was also included.

The head of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Mike Green (R-TN), asserted that the Biden administration’s weak tactics have “emboldened” the Mexican drug gangs. The cartels “aren’t afraid of us anymore,” he continued, “and their brazen actions prove this reality.”

Despite the fact that Tamaulipas is on the State Department’s “Do Not Travel” list and that this tragedy clearly shows the risks of visiting Mexico, the state’s attorney general, Irving Barrios Mojica, believes this occurrence was a case of mistaken identification.

He argues that despite their ferocity, cartels often avoid Americans. Perhaps, a probe into this terrible incident can provide some measure of peace and justice to the families of those responsible.