Biden Accomplished Nothing in Europe


President Joe Biden’s visit to a war-torn Europe drew friends closer together while also sending a frightening, albeit spontaneous, message to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, he returned home with few, if any, strong reasons for how the heinous invasion of Ukraine would be ended.

Biden’s failure to deliver on foreign policy has been a thorn in his administration’s side.

With a trip in Poland, Biden’s tour came to a conclusion.

This happened after a series of historic diplomatic meetings in which the West increased sanctions against Russia and gave further support to Ukraine’s separatists.

However, as Russian shells fell on Ukrainian towns, the president’s pledged unified front began to crumble.

Biden’s trip to a war-torn Europe united friends and conveyed a frightening, albeit spontaneous, message to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden has yet to openly explain how the world intends to end the conflict in Ukraine.

Nevertheless, Biden deviated from the script to finish his statement with an unexpected and surprising escalation of vocabulary, destroying days of meticulous preparation.

“For God’s sake, this guy cannot retain power,” Biden said of Putin.

Despite the fact that Trump had just called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “butcher” and a “war criminal,” veteran foreign policy observers were taken aback by the president’s apparent endorsement of regime change.

White House advisers scrambled to emphasize that Biden was not unveiling new American policy after weeks of purposefully avoiding such a pronouncement.

“That’s not for Biden to determine. The Russian president is chosen by the Russian people,” the Kremlin’s initial response was brief, with spokesperson Dimitry Peskov telling reporters.

A fight that many in the Kremlin expected to be done in a matter of days evolved into a grueling slog, with Russian troops suffering significant casualties.