Barrasso: GOP Forced Dems On Key Issues With Vote To Raise Debt Ceiling


Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., on Sunday said Republicans didn’t cave on voting for a short-term raise to the nation’s debt ceiling, forcing another vote on the matter in December.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Barrasso said the GOP instead forced Democrats on two key fronts.

“One thing is they wanted a blank check and be able to raise the debt ceiling all the way through the ’22 election to spend as much as they wanted it and that undermines the accountability [to voters],” he said.

“And we made them fill in a number and it is the first time that is happening in over a decade,” he said. “And [it’s] a small number compared to the amount that they are asking for ….  a $5 trillion big government socialism bill.”

“A number Democrats came up to me including calling me over the weekend to apologize for the terrible behavior of [Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer [D-N.Y.] and we made it clear: They want to use this process of reconciliation to pass their massive tax and spending bill well they will have to use that process as well if they ever want to raise the debt ceiling again,” Barrasso declared.

According to Barrasso, it’s President Joe Biden who caved — to the left wing of his party

“Their goal is a complete takeover of the lives of the American people which is why I call it big government socialism and it is an expansion of government and an addiction to government like we have never even contemplated or seen before,” he said. “Joe Biden has surrendered to the socialist wing of the party, even to the point of holding hostage bridges, ports, airports, highways and things that the market people actually want.”

“Today people are paying more for gas at the pump than they have over the last seven years,” he lamented.

“And that is taking a big bite out of people’s paychecks and the people must work hard people on the fixed income, young couples and seniors in families trying to get by and is all because of Joe Biden’s policies first day in office, XL pipeline and blocking oil and gas. But the problem is it’s only American energy” that is being attacked.