Army Officers Under Investigation After Scandal Revealed


At least two officers who donned fetish “pup” masks while in service are being looked into by the Army.

US Army Pacific is aware of social media posts that depict troop behavior while donning uniforms. According to a statement from US Army spokesman Major Jonathan Lewis, the event is presently being investigated.

“Military law prohibits conduct by an officer that disgraces them personally or brings dishonor to the military profession. There are a range of potential punishments for violations, including letters of reprimand.”

According to Don Christensen, the former Air Force top prosecutor who now heads Protect Our Defenders, photos showing the officers wearing the dogs’ masks while in uniform definitely violate Article 133, Conduct unbecoming of an Officer and a Gentleman.

In cases when the officer is retired, as was the case with Colonel Connelly, the Army may reassign him to active duty so that a court-martial can take place.

Officers run the danger of retiring at a lower rank, which also means receiving a smaller pension.

As was previously reported, a clandestine group of puppies and their handlers within the US military came to light when several soldiers stood up and decided they no longer wanted a coverup.

Connelly has a close relationship with a subordinate who also participates in pup kink and is quite active in the pup kink scene in Hawaii.

Connelly used his dog mask in areas used by the military.

Connelly was having sex with CPT Dayton Tenney, another Army soldier stationed in Hawaii.

Dayton Tenney, who adores dogs like Connelly does, also wore a dog mask while serving.

According to an Army spokeswoman, Cynthia Smith, “All US Army soldiers are expected to uphold high standards of personal conduct and to avoid discrediting the service and the uniform, both in person and across social media.”