Arizona Gov. Ducey Demands Biden Stop Migrant Crisis at Border


Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey slammed the Biden administration for its inadequate response to large numbers of migrants flooding the country.

Ducey said the situation is critical, and he is sending the National Guard to the Mexico border near Yuma in order to bolster the overwhelmed Border Patrol forces already operating there, ABC15 has reported.

“Mr. President, do something, do anything,” the Republican governor said at a news conference at Yuma as he harshly criticized the administration and said the border crisis is “a federal issue,” 12News reported.

Ducey gave the press conference near an opening in the barrier that separates Arizona and Mexico, highlighting the problem of an unfinished border wall that Republicans have pressed to be completed in recent years.

Officials who were with Ducey in Yuma said that an estimated 5,000 migrants attempted to enter the area on Sunday, 12News reported.

Another 1,500 migrants tried to illegally cross the border there the next day, according to Border Report.

Special Operations Supervisor Vincent Dulesky explained that a record number of migrants have illegally crossed the border recently, saying that “we are trying to pick everybody up, but we are having an issue with manpower. There just aren’t enough agents. We are adjusting and picking them up when we can,” Yuma Sun reported.

Ducey said that the National Guard would be sending 24 troops, six vehicles, four all-terrain vehicles, and one light utility helicopter to Yuma in order to help existing forces secure the border in that area, according to 12News.

Ducey, in a message on Twitter, emphasized that “Yuma is facing an escalating humanitarian and border crisis — and it’s a direct result of the Biden administration’s poor communication, lack of organization and complete disregard for border protection.”