Arizona Builds Its Own Border Wall in the Coolest Way Possible


Arizona just began constructing its own wall to close the gaps in the Yuma section of the southern border; this is a genuinely creative way to defuse the current problem.

The state has effectively barricaded the open regions using stacked storage containers that have been joined together. Republican governor Doug Ducey announced the initiative, and work started almost immediately. The development made in just a few days was absolutely astounding.

Just three days after the initial announcement, these before-and-after pictures were released.

Data from Customs and Border Patrol show that 259,895 migrants were encountered in the Yuma area during the fiscal year 2022. This high number is representative of a larger trend in the Southwest, which has had an increase in interactions since September 2021, totaling 1.8 million, exceeding the prior fiscal year.

While some are wondering why this wasn’t done sooner, the true question is why the Biden administration has failed to assist the Southwestern communities and its dedicated border patrol agents. Although the Department of Homeland Security had stated in July that they would close any gaps along the Yuma border, the state has decided it would be preferable to move through with the necessary repairs rather than wait.

Democrats have criticized Ducey and Texas Governor Greg Abbott for their state-based approaches to the border crisis, particularly with regard to their choice to transport migrants to East Coast towns. But Democrats like Mayors Muriel Bowser of Washington, DC, and Eric Adams of New York City haven’t brought up the impact of a large inflow of migrants on tiny communities that don’t have the same resources as their big counterparts.

The use of storage containers was criticized because two of them toppled over during a storm, but the governor’s staff promptly shot that claim down.