American Comedian Murdered in Colombia

Comedian Found DEAD - Law Enforcement STUNNED!


A group of guys kidnapped and held for ransom a comedian and activist while he was on holiday in Columbia; they later murdered him. The facts are still being worked out by the police, but it appears that the victim may have been a victim of a lethal catfishing plot.

According to reports, Tou Ger Xiong, who was revered by the Hmong community for his efforts to empower the ethnic group via his art, was allegedly in the city of Medellín, Colombia, when he suddenly vanished. While there, the activist, who was 50 years old, was meant to go on a date with a woman he had met online. He might have lost his life as a result of that decision.

According to Xiong’s older brother’s interview with KSTP, the victim contacted him on December 10 and requested $2,000 in cash. In addition, the comic contacted his roommate to inform them that he was taken hostage “at gunpoint.” In order to report the incident to the authorities, Xion’s brother first spoke with a friend in Columbia; then, he sought assistance from the US Embassy and the offices of two US senators.

On October 12, the tragic news of Xiong’s murder was publicized by several media sites. There was evidence that he may have experienced head trauma prior to his death, and it seemed like he was stabbed more than a dozen times. To kill him or dispose of his body, his captors presumably threw him down a bridge. Law enforcement discovered his lifeless body in a ravine.

Although Xiong’s intended meeting partner is among the suspects in prison, there may be more at play. While searching his flat, investigators discovered a lady sifting through his possessions; however, she managed to escape before they could apprehend her. The Mirror reports that Xiong was seen dancing with a redhead in the days leading up to his murder. The woman seemed to have taken great pains to hide her face from the cameras.

In memory of Xiong, his family is establishing a foundation to provide financial aid to those in need, including scholarships.