Abbott Says New York Mayor Should Sue Biden

INCOMING - Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit FILED!


New York City Mayor Eric Adams has chosen to take legal action against the bus companies transporting new immigrants to his designated sanctuary city. In contrast, Texas Governor Greg Abbott suggests that Adams should direct his efforts toward the Biden administration rather than targeting the bus companies.

With the increasing influx of migrants into the United States, border states are adopting novel strategies to address the crisis. Governor Abbott, for instance, has initiated the use of chartered buses to transport migrants to blue sanctuary cities that have declared themselves as safe refuges for undocumented immigrants. 

Surprisingly, despite these liberal enclaves asserting their willingness to accommodate anyone in their cities, whether documented or not, they are now grappling with the challenge of managing thousands of unexpected guests arriving at their doorsteps, finding it difficult or even impossible to handle the situation.

Starting from August 2022, Texas has dispatched over 33,000 migrants to New York City. On Thursday, January 4th, Mayor Adams declared a legal action amounting to $708 million against the 17 bus companies contracted by Governor Abbott to transport migrants to cities located farther from the border.

Adams characterized Abbott’s initiative to send migrants north as a scheme and a reckless political maneuver designed to strain our social services system. In response, Abbott countered that the lawsuit is nothing more than a political statement destined to fail decisively. He further asserted that the legal action infringes on the Constitution and advised Adams to direct his concerns toward the White House, emphasizing that every migrant transported to New York had received authorization to be in the United States from the White House.

As per the Adams administration, the state of New York has already utilized $3.5 billion in addressing the surge of migrants. They asserted that projections anticipate an expenditure of $12 billion on the crisis by the conclusion of 2025. Abbott highlighted that he has proposed five different approaches to tackle the migrant crisis through eight letters, including one personally delivered to President Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security. Nevertheless, he contends that he has received no response.