90-Year-Old Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein Cedes Power of Attorney to Daughter

90-Year-Old Senator SURRENDERS Power - But To Who?


According to the New York Times, 90-year-old Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein delegated power of attorney to her daughter, Kathleen Feinstein, 66.

Feinstein’s daughter was granted power of attorney to handle the estate of Richard Blum.

Dianne Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, died lately, therefore Kathleen Feinstein is assisting her mother in resolving a property issue and Blum’s life insurance.

Dianne Feinstein returned to the Senate this year in a wheelchair.

After a three-month vacation due to shingles, Feinstein returned to the Senate in May.

The public was taken aback by the California Senator’s deteriorating condition, crimson droopy eye, and immobilized face.

Feinstein is suffering from shingles-related problems such as facial paralysis, memory loss, visual and balance issues, and brain swelling.

Feinstein appeared perplexed last week as she attempted to deliver a speech during a Senate vote.

Senate Appropriations Chairwoman Patty Murray repeatedly asked Feinstein to “just say aye.”

Instead of voting ‘aye,’ Feinstein began to give a speech.

“I would like to support a yes vote on this, it provides $823 billion. That’s an increase of $26 billion for the Department of Defense, and it funds priorities–” Feinstein said as an aide rushed over to her to stop her from giving a long-winded speech.

“Just say aye,” the chairwoman said.

A confused Feinstein said, “Ok–just–aye!”

Feinstein gave her daughter power of attorney, but she still serves in the Senate and makes choices that affect hundreds of millions of Americans!